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About Happy Puppies

Welcome to Happy Puppies dog training and dog minding.

” Reward the good, Ignore the bad”   Introducing  Lisa Ferguson

Hello and welcome with open paws.

I have 20 years experience with the dealings, behaviours and fun and games with dogs.  It has been a joyous ride. I first started volunteering in Sydney at the Carlton Dogs home, where I met some wonderful caring people who taught me so very much.  It also sparked my dream of working with dogs to find a happy outcome instead of what I was witnessing here.

On moving to Queensland in 2006 I met my mentor in the park one day, who was working her border collie in obedience and agility and she inspired me so much that I enrolled in the Gold Coast Dog Obedience Instructors course and have not looked back since.  I still volunteer there every week as I love learning new things and meeting all the different dogs with their owners.

My training methods are all positive reinforcement and yes that means treats, its the quickest and easiest way for dogs and owners to learn.  My aim is to give the owner the skills and tools to train their dog therefor creating a very strong bond between the two.  Once this is learned my job is done.

After completing my certificate in basic dog & behaviour training and volunteering with numerous dog obedience training schools, I have now been given the privilege of providing the training for A.W.A.R.E Queensland who specifically deal with the training and obedience of companion dogs.


We first created Happy Puppies in 2009 because we could not find anywhere other than a kennel where we could leave our dogs when we wanted to go on holiday or needed to work for longer periods of time.

We were always relying on family and friends to look after our dogs.

So after numerous brainstorming sessions we realised other people were in the same situation as us.

We came up with the idea if you’re staying in a resort, holiday house / unit, caravan park or motel  where dogs are not welcome, however you still wanted a holiday with them along,  then you can drop your dog with us for overnight stays and still have access to them through the day and therefore having a holiday together.

We also offer Train and Stay Packages.

All dogs have access to inside and outside of the family home. No cages or kennels apply here.  We also go for “walkies” twice a day.


The most important thing here is our passion and love of dogs, we treat them all just like our own.